It’s time to make a statement with your business.

You don’t sell what everyone else is selling, so why should your business look like just another store? How would it feel to inspire your customers the moment they walked through the door?

My name is Sheena Birt, and I’m the owner of Color Story Studio. We work with businesses, primarily retailers, to transform their in-person guest experience through visual displays, custom lighting, and art installations. 

In our Prime Now culture, it’s not easy to get a person out of their house to visit a place in person. Businesses that work with Color Story Studio use their unique look as brand assets in their marketing and social media strategies. Suddenly your customers will be taking selfies and doing the marketing for you!

Color Story Studio is passionate about setting your business apart from the rest. When you’re ready to break away, we can’t wait to work with you!

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When customers visit your business it should be an experience, not an errand! Color Story Studio offers a range of services from a space assessment to custom design solutions with the goal of helping your business become more popular and more profitable. 

Your business could be a destination. Color Story Studio can get you there.


  • 90 minute store assessments, focused on merchandising, display and DIY ideas for immediate improvement.

  •  Fixture sourcing and floorplanning for high impact transformation of  your store and your customers’ experience!


  • Book a one-time full merch  day or recurring monthly merchandising.

  • Focused on creating fresh product presentations.

  • Photo-worthy content to share on social media for days, or weeks!


  • Our Studio Sessions are Merchandising training for you and your team.

  •  Learn the strategies that will attract customers and boost your revenue!

  • Increase your confidence to lead your team!

Custom Visuals & Store Design

  • Define your brand through seasonal and permanent displays.

  • Our design-make-install approach delivers one-of-a-kind decor, while giving you back your time.

  •  Inspire customers to visit in person and become a Destination!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Download a DIY Store Assessment to begin your shop’s journey.

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